Sushi Set

If you plan on eating sushi at home frequently, investing in a sushi set may be the ideal thing for you to do. A sushi set includes plates for placing your sushi, a sauce dish for soy, as well as chopsticks. Depending on the type of sushi set you purchase, there may also be a central piece for displaying and holding sushi prior to eating.

In many cases, the more elegant the sushi set, the more pieces there are in the set. Complete sets with have several plates for each person to separate the courses in a full sushi meal. Small dishes will be included for condiments and sauces. There will also be a matching tea set for serving green tea with a sushi meal.

When you are picking out your sushi set, you will want to pick a set that has enough places for the most guests you are likely to entertain at one time. This will ensure that you do not have to mix and match pieces from different sets. Whether or not you make your own sushi or purchase it from a restaurant, using a sushi set can improve the presentation of your sushi, which is considered a fundamental part of eating sushi.

A sushi set can be made of a variety of different materials. Porcelain is not uncommon, and often preferred due to its lighter weight than stoneware. However, glazed stoneware is very common as well. Sushi bars and restaurants typically use plastic sushi sets, as they are more durable. In some cases, you may find glazed metal sushi sets.

If you know someone who really likes sushi, a high quality sushi set can provide an ideal gift for them. Sushi lovers will typically agree that having several sushi sets will cause no problems for them. As sushi parties can have more people in attendance than many other types of dinner parties.

If you are uncertain if someone will enjoy a sushi set, these dishes are also usable as dinner plates for events such as fondu. They can also be used for finger foods at sporting parties, such as a super bowl party. Depending on the size of your set, you can use them to serve finger foods, snacks or deserts.

If you are interested in purchasing a sushi set, you can purchase one imported from Japan or made locally. Local sets are typically significantly cheaper. However, if you are giving a sushi set as a gift, you should consider an imported set as these are more authentic.