Sushi Roku

If you are planning on visiting Las Vegas, your trip will not be complete without sampling the wide variety of different and excellent cuisines. Like many of the other restaurants in Las Vegas, Sushi Roku delivers the quality and experience expected by the best restaurants on the strip. Located within Caesar's Palace, Sushi Roku is a must visit restaurant for the sushi enthusiast.

If you are new to sushi, Sushi Roku provides a varied meal that allows everyone to find something that they like. From sashimi to maki, all forms of sushi are presented. And, only to make things better, if you are not certain that you will enjoy sushi, Sushi Roku also has non sushi items on the menu so that you can have no fears of not being able to find something that you will enjoy.

While providing high quality sushi, Sushi Roku is also affordable. This makes it an excellent place to take those who are new to sushi and want to experience some of the best sushi in North America at a price that will not leave your wallet empty by the end of the meal.

Sushi Roku blends the traditional dishes of Japanese sushi with the desires of many North Americans, making this restaurant suitable both for those who prefer traditional sushi and for those who are uncertain of whether or not they will like raw fish.

The decor of Sushi Roku lends towards a romantic atmosphere, making it ideal for couples. Sushi can be a very intimate meal, suitable for dates. However, it can also be an excellent group dinner, allowing for friends and family to gather and enjoy good food in an inviting atmosphere.

If you are planning on eating at Sushi Roku as a group, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. First, if you purchase group platters, you should always select your sushi with the broad end of your chopsticks. This is considered polite, as you do not eat with this end of your chopsticks. In addition to this, you should never pass sushi between chopsticks, as this is considered taboo in Japanese culture. In order not to insult the chef, soy sauce and wasabi should be used sparingly so that you can enjoy the full flavor of the sushi the chef has created for you. As sushi is considered pieces of art among notable sushi chefs, they are often highly sensitive to how their food is enjoyed.