Sushi Plates

If you eat sushi a lot, investing in your own sushi plates can help improve your overall experience with eating sushi at home. As many people do not want to spend the time and effort learning how to make their own sushi, but also do not want to spend every night eating out, having your own sushi plates can allow you to enjoy a sushi meal in elegance, eating sushi as it was meant to be served.

However, selecting the right sushi plates for you can be difficult. There are many aspects to sushi plates, ranging from the size and number of the plates, to the color and general design. When people purchase sushi plates for home, they are typically higher quality than the ones used in most sushi restaurants around the world. Take out sushi uses plastic sushi plates, while many sushi bars will also use plastic plates of various colors and grades to show the quality of the sushi. Higher quality restaurants will serve their sushi on wooden or lacquered sushi plates to make their sushi be closer to works of art than food items. The primary reason for this is that sushi chefs do view their creations as works of art.

When you eat at a sushi restaurant, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, it is considered rude to leave food leftover on sushi plates. When you eat sushi, you should only take what you will eat. If you are uncertain you will eat it all, take only what you are certain you should eat. Every piece of sushi should also be eaten in one bite whenever possible. Obviously, temaki and some inari cannot be eaten in one bite. Depending on the type of sushi, more than one bite is acceptable. However, you should try not to eat a single piece of maki, sashimi or nigiri in more than two bites.

While sushi plates in many sushi restaurants are made of plastic, they should be treated with the same care that you would with fine porcelain. If you are at a kaiken restaurant, your sushi plates should be neatly stacked so that your waiter or waitress can easily gather and count your portions of sushi. In many sushi restaurants, especially kaiken restaurants, the patterns on the sushi plates tell how good of a quality the sushi is.

Sushi plates can be purchased at many specialty culinary stores and Asian markets, as well as ordered directly online.