Sushi Plate

If you like to eat sushi frequently, investing in your own sushi plate can enhance your take out sushi experience. Part of the charm of eating sushi is the presentation of the food. Like many other cuisines around the world, presentation is a major part of Japanese sushi. In some cases, a sushi chef views the presentation of his or her sushi as equal in importance to the flavor of the sushi. Because of this, you should select your sushi plate set with care so that you can maintain the tradition of sushi presentation.

When you purchase your sushi plate, there are a few accessories that need to go with your plate. As sushi is eaten with chopsticks, you will need a matching chopsticks holder. While you can rest your chopsticks on your plate, it is more convenient to have the chopsticks resting on a holder off to the side. In addition to this, your sushi plate should have an accompanying, shallow dish for your soy sauce and wasabi. This dish is used for dipping your sushi in so that you can add additional flavors to your sushi. However, it is important that you do not use too much wasabi or soy sauce, as this can mask the subtle flavors of the sushi. This can be considered insulting to the sushi chef. When you add soy sauce to your dish, it is considered rude to use too much soy sauce. It is better to take too little soy sauce and need to replenish your supply of it than it is to waste the soy sauce you put in your dish.

When you purchase your sushi plate, it is also suggested that you acquire a good quality tea set. As sushi is traditionally served with green tea, having a good tea set can add to the atmosphere of eating sushi. However, sushi can also be served with sake, a rice wine made in Japan. Regardless of whether you prefer green tea or sake, having the proper cups for your beverages can assist in the overall atmosphere of your dinner.

If you are fighting a busy schedule and do not have the time to dig out and use your sushi plates, remember that eating sushi with your fingers is perfectly acceptable. If you are not sharing your sushi with anyone, there is no need for chopsticks. As many take out sushi restaurants include convenient dipping cups for your soy sauce, sushi is an excellent food for when you are on the go.