Sushi House

The Sushi House is a line of restaurants in North America that provide a variety of different sushi dishes, ranging from sushi rolls to sashimi. Like many chain style restaurants, the Sushi House caters to the tastes of the North American people, rather than sticking with purely authentic Japanese food. Because of this, there are a wide range of sushi dishes that are not traditional in Japan, including the California sushi roll.

If you are looking for quick, affordable sushi, the Sushi House will fit your needs. With a simplistic menu focusing on the most common of sushi dishes, you can get a taste of sushi without spending a fortune on it. While there are restaurants that offer a better variety of sushi, the Sushi House is a good place to take someone if they are uncertain of whether or not they will enjoy sushi.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you go to the Sushi House, however. You get what you pay for. Ume sushi, or low end, cheap sushi, typically uses inferior ingredients or inexperienced chefs. Unlike the more expensive sushi restaurants, which employ highly trained sushi chefs, restaurants like the Sushi House thrive on those who want ok sushi for cheap. This is the domain of ume sushi. If you are planning on going to the Sushi House, do not expect the elegant flavor and presentation of more expensive sushi bars.

If you want higher quality sushi than what the Sushi House provides, there are several ways you can acquire it. The best way is to go to an authentic Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi. No sushi from a high end Japanese restaurant is considered to be ume sushi, as these restaurants excel in the creation of rice, the preparation of vegetables and fish, and the overall presentation of the meal. Traditional Japanese sushi is meant to be a work of art, with a blend of colors and flavors that appeal to even the pickiest of eaters.

However, if you are interested in North American styled sushi, such as the California roll, you may have to settle with the offerings of restaurants such as Sushi House, as many high end sushi restaurants will only serve traditional sushi dishes.

If you truly enjoy seafood and wish to try something different, you may wish to try high end sushi before you try it from a chain like the Sushi House.