Sushi Bar

For those who love international cuisine, a sushi bar is one of the places that must be visited. Unlike a standard restaurant, a sushi bar is very similar to a modern bar or tavern in the western cultures. Meant for group socialization and finger foods, a sushi bar allows for good food to be served without it taking up space. With entertainment, be it shows, television or sports, the sushi bar blends western and eastern cultures.

However, it is important to realize that there are many differences between a sushi bar in Japan and a sushi bar in the United States or Canada. A sushi bar in Japan is a fast food style eatery, where sushi is moved along a conveyor and is selected by guests. The guests then pay for their sushi based off of the color or size of the plate they have selected. In the western cultures, a sushi bar can be like a bar and grill, or more imitate a regular sushi restaurant. In some cases, a sushi bar in the United States or Canada may be a counter with already made sushi waiting for purchase.

If you are a fan of the sushi bar in American, you may get a surprise if you were to go to one in Japan. Where Americanized sushi is readily available in the sushi bars in the United States, bars in Japan are more traditional. This means there are less vegetarian friendly dishes, and more true forms of sushi. Octopus, squid and other seafood is used as ingredients, which often disgusts those not used to these ingredients in sushi.

The primary difference between a sushi bar and a sushi restaurant is seating and how the restaurant operates. In most circles, a sushi bar is considered to be a cheaper, quicker version of the sushi restaurant. Due to this reputation, and the fact that a sushi bar is more equivalent to take out, the sushi may be of lower quality at a sushi bar than you would find at a sushi restaurant.

When you go to a sushi bar to order sushi, you will have a variety of different condiments to choose from. Typically, sushi is served with a soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi. Ocha is the most common drink served with sushi, a traditional green tea. In American, sake or ocha is served. The higher the quality of restaurant, the more likely sake is to be given as an option. In Japan, mecha is a high quality green tea that is preferred over ocha.