Mikado Sushi

Mikado sushi is a chain of restaurants that focuses on providing high quality Japanese cuisine to the western culture. Mikado, or a reference to the Japanese emperors, names itself for being above all. This naming reference, coupled with the popularity that sushi is gaining in North America, allow the restaurants to thrive.

When you go to Mikado sushi, which typically has at least one restaurant in most major cities in the United States and Canada, there are a few things that you should expect. First, sushi is not necessarily raw fish. While most people assume sushi always includes raw fish, there is a decent variety of vegetarian sushi dishes available. As many western cultures look down on the inclusion of raw fish in diets, Mikado sushi works to ensure that there are dishes that everyone can enjoy.

When you eat at Mikado sushi, you will be presented with the option of using chopsticks. One of the major differences between Japanese and western culture is how food is consumed. There is a great deal of ceremony in how food is eaten in Japan, however, the Japanese have no fears of using their fingers or being comfortable in how they eat their food. While it is considered rude to place your chopsticks directly on the table, or lean them against your plate, it is not rude to eat sushi with your fingers. Many Americans are often baffled by Japanese cuisine, where fingers and the odd tools used by the Japanese typically result in fingers getting dirty or slurping noises being made as a result of eating. Ramen is a perfect example of this. With the small ladle and chopsticks favored by the Japanese, it is almost impossible to eat without noise. Do not be afraid to get your fingers dirty. After all, napkins are provided and sushi is best enjoyed when you do not have to fight with your food. If you are not a master at chopsticks, opt for using your fingers. You will enjoy your Mikado sushi a great deal more. Due to the delicate nature of sushi, it cannot be eaten with a fork or other standard utensils, as it would fall apart.

Finally, when you go to Mikado sushi, you should take care not to order more than you will eat. Wasting sushi is considered taboo to the Japanese. Unlike dishes, such as Ramen, where a little waste is expected, soy sauce and sushi should not be wasted.