Gen Sushi

New generation sushi, or gen sushi, is a western twist on an eastern delicacy. By appealing to the tastes of western cultures and catering to those who have fears of raw fish, gen sushi offers a variety of vegetarian and cooked dishes that allow the more timid people to experience sushi without needing to fear the stereotypical raw fish normally associated with sushi. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you experience gen sushi.

While gen sushi does open the doors to the world of sushi for those who are timid of traditional Japanese dishes, most new generation sushi is only a spin off of traditional sushi. With Americanized dishes, such as the California maki rolls or the Boston maki rolls, this style of sushi is acceptable to those who are not ready to try fish dishes such as sashimi or nigiri.

Whether or not you are interested in gen sushi or traditional sushi, there is a certain way that sushi should be eaten. In Japanese culture, there are methods of eating sushi that is polite to observe, even in western restaurants. For example, when you are sharing a platter of sushi with your friends or family, you should never pass sushi from one set of chopsticks to another. This is a ritual only used in funerals in Japan, and is considered extremely rude to do at dinner. In addition to this, you should never place the tips of your chopsticks on the edge of your plate with the base of the chopsticks on the table. Chopsticks should rest entirely on the edge of your plate or be placed on the provided chopstick holders. While a more subtle error, you should never take more soy sauce than is needed for your dish. Japanese culture is very much against the wasting of food. Because of this, when you eat sushi, you should never leave any bits of sushi on your plate. This can be considered an insult to the sushi chef.

Typically, if you want gen sushi, you need to go to a specialty sushi store for it,although grocery stores and Asian markets are quickly catching onto the demand for sushi. If you are interested in trying gen sushi, there are chains of sushi restaurants dedicated to this style of sushi. As well, many traditional style sushi restaurants do keep some Americanized sushi options to cater to the desires of the population, although the variety is less than at a gen sushi restaurant.