Beehive Cake Pan

Do you enjoy baking cakes? When doing so, do you find it a more satisfying experiment if you can put a creative twist on your baking? If this sounds like you, a beehive cake pan is a great new way to make a themed cake thatís unlike any other.

A beehive cake pan allows you to create a beautiful beehive for all sorts of occasions, whether itís for someoneís birthday, a flower viewing party, a spring wedding, a tea party, or simply for fun. This innovative cake pan is simple to use as well. Simply combine ingredients and mix your batter as always, then fill both sides of the beehive cake pan and bake. Once the two halves of cake are done, gently ease them from the cake pan and glue them together using frosting or fruit filling.

The decorative possibilities are endless. Feel free to experiment with different cake flavors, such as lemon poppyseed, orange blossom, pumpkin, and more. Use your favorite flavor of frosting or simply drizzle honey or berry sauce over the top. Add finishing touches by including edible crystallized flowers, fondant figures, bee shaped decorations, or fresh fruit.

The end result should be a gorgeous six inch tall cake. Once youíve invested in a quality beehive cake pan, youíll find yourself using it over and over again as more opportunities arise. Since it is made from aluminum, your cake pan should last considerably. This also results in a nonstick surface for easy, flawless removal.

As aluminum typically isnít dishwasher safe, itís recommended that you hand wash your beehive cake pan. Also store it in a safe place among your dishes or pots and pans to avoid having heavy cookware scratch or dent it.

Having trouble finding a beehive cake pan? You can find them readily online at sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Craiglist, and more. If you end up buying used, be sure to ask the seller questions regarding its history and condition. Scratching, for example, not only mars the cake panís appearance, but it also gives opportunity for bacteria to grow and thrive in the cracks.

In investing in a beehive cake pan, you are doing more than just making a fanciful pastry for friends and family. In experimenting with frosting, textures, decorations, and flavors, you are making yourself a better baker. The innovative shape lends itself to a variety of interpretations, allowing you to create original masterpieces every time.