Airbrushes for cake decorating

For those who want to add a more direct artistic approach to cake decorating, you may want to invest in airbrushes for cake decorating. These are specially designed airbrushes for use with edible inks. These inks can be sprayed directly onto the surface of smoothed icing to make images. These can make unique cake designs that do not require piped icing or lengthy time investments molding fondant. However, for those not used to using airbrushes for cake decorating, there is a slightly learning curve.

When you first invest in airbrushes for cake decorating, it is suggested that you make inexpensive icing and lay it out on aluminum foil. By doing this, you give yourself a surface similar to a cake. This allows you to practice airbrushing onto icing without the investment of a cake. As you can blend the ink into the icing, you can use the same bit of icing to practice several times before you need to use fresh icing. Using an airbrush is challenging at first, but once you understand how airbrushes for cake decorating function, you will be able to write any message you want on a cake without piping, draw pictures, and add colored elements to piped roses and other design elements in a cake.

If you are new to airbrushes for cake decorating, you will want to choose the type of brushes you buy carefully. Each airbrush functions differently, with different thresholds and accessories. The most simple airbrush will function through a series of different sized tips that can control the amount of ink and air that is pushed through the brush. More complex and expensive brushes have this built in. When you purchase airbrushes for cake decorating, you need to decide how often you intend on using the airbrushes. This will often make the decision of what type to buy much more simple. The less often you airbrush, the cheaper the airbrushes for cake decorating you can settle with purchasing cheaper airbrushes. These brushes do not last as long as higher quality brushes. However, as you will not use the brushes as often as professionals or those who airbrush frequently, they will last a reasonable amount of time and cost significantly less.

If you are uncertain of whether or not you will use airbrushes for cake decorating often, you can take a cake decorating course that will demonstrate the use of airbrushes on cakes and teach you how they are best used.