Spelt Bread Recipes

Spelt bread recipes are good for people who have allergies or intolerances to wheat flour. By replacing the wheat with spelt, many of the problems associated with wheat can be avoided. However, spelt bread recipes should not be used if you have a gluten allergy, as spelt is an ancient form of wheat and does contain gluten. Where spelt is useful is that it is much more digestible than standard, modern wheats.

Spelt bread recipes differ from standard wheat bread recipes in several fashions. You should not just substitute spelt for wheat, as they do not mix, bake or knead in the same way.

Common ingredients for spelt bread recipes:

Active dry yeast

Warm water (105 to 110 F)


Melted butter

Sea salt

Spelt flour

Notes on Ingredients: Spelt and standard wheat flour can be used together. If you enjoy the flavor and texture of spelt, you can use a combination of spelt and modern wheat flours to add a unique taste to your breads. However, using combinations will require altering your recipes and experimenting. Be careful when mixing spelt and wheat flour, as you will need to adjust how much water and other ingredients you use.

Mixing directions: Unlike standard wheat flour, spelt bread recipes are very strict on the kneading of the bread and addition of ingredients. It is very important than you have your ingredients ready to add, as you will constantly be working on blending your ingredients, then kneading your dough. This does not leave a lot of time to prepare ingredients.

When you begin to knead your dough, you will want to use a timer and then judge by sight and feel if your bread is ready for baking. Kneading the bread too much will cause your bread to come out thick and crumbling. This usually makes the bread very difficult to eat, although the flavor is rarely affected.

Making spelt bread recipes takes practice and effort. It is one of the more challenging bread recipes to make, as spelt is a lot more difficult to work with than modern wheat flours. However, once you master spelt bread recipes, you will have the skills needed to judge, modify and create your own recipes.

Spelt flour is a little more uncommon than modern wheat flour. While some grocers may carry it, you may have to go to a specialty store to acquire it. If you have a wheat allergy, you should try spelt in small amounts to make certain that it will not trigger a reaction. While spelt is a lot easier to digest, it is related to the modern wheat plant.