Flat Bread Recipes

Flat bread recipes are popular as side dishes with Italian meals, as well as being used with some types of sandwiches. Pita breads and focaccia are good examples of common flat breads. Unlike common belief, flat bread does tend to use some yeast during the baking process. While there are some unleavened breads in the flat bread category, they are often the minority rather than the majority.

When you are making flat bread recipes, it is important that you understand the differences between unleavened and leavened breads. Unleavened breads do not use yeast, therefor they do not rise. As many flat bread recipes do call for yeast, it is especially important that you understand how yeast works. Because you do not want a lot of rise in your flat breads, yeast is used sparingly, and very controlled in how much it allows the dough to rise. This can be challenging at first for new bakers. If you require certain breads for religious purposes, you will want to confirm whether or not yeast is used. It is suggested that you do not simply remove the yeast to make an unleavened bread, as other ingredients in the dough are usually tied to the presence of the yeast.

Flat bread recipes can use a wide range of flours, including standard wheat, spelt, rye and gluten free substitutes. The type of flours used are often dependent on the flavor of bread desired. As almost any type of flour can be used in most flat bread recipes, there is a lot of flexibility in what you can do with them. As dairy products can also be incorporated into the recipes, you can create your own unique breads without risk of the ingredients souring while the bread rises. As most flat bread recipes only call for up to half an hour of rising time, perishable foods can be safely used.

While many things tend to be added to flat bread recipes, fruits do not tend to be one of them. As flat bread recipes tend to be slightly tougher in texture in many cases, fruits do not do well. However, nuts, spices and cheeses tend to pair very well with flat bread recipes, and are often used to add a little additional flavor and texture. If you intend on adding extra ingredients to your flat bread recipes, take care to identify what you will be eating with your flat bread. This can often help you select the best ingredients possible.