Bread Pudding Recipes

Bread pudding recipes are easy to follow and allow you to make a treat that many people love. Perfect for a cold winter's night after dinner or as a part of your holiday meals, bread pudding is a traditional dish that is bound to impress and please your family. As it is easy to make and takes little time, you will be able to provide a good dessert without the effort associated with baking a pie or cake.

To make your bread pudding recipes extra special, you can bake your own bread for use with the pudding.

Common Ingredients for bread pudding recipes:







Vanilla extract



Notes on Ingredients: The type of bread you use can add a lot of character to your bread pudding. While standard sandwich bread can be used, using a style of bread like French bread, Italian bread, or other types of breads with crusty surfaces tend to work best, as they hold their shape better while having good flavor.

Bread pudding recipes are often flexible, making suggestions on spices rather than hard rules. How you spice your bread pudding should be based on what it is being served with. If being served on its own, you can experiment and find the best spices that work for you. For those who do not like raisins, berries can be substituted.

You should always make your bread pudding recipes in advance, as most recipes call for a set amount of refrigeration time. However, there are other variants of the recipe which calls for bread pudding to be served warm. Check your recipe! When you prepare your bread pudding recipes will be based on whether it is served warm or cold, or if it needs to set to a certain shape. If you are sculpturing your bread pudding, you will need to prepare well in advance, as you will have to set your shape then sculpture the finished bread pudding.

If you are sculpturing your bread pudding recipes, you will want to make certain that the recipe you use holds its shape well. You will want to make a test batch of the bread pudding and see if it is suitable for sculpturing in advance.

As bread pudding recipes are very easy to modify, you should take the time to record what changes you make to the recipe. This will let you duplicate a particularly good batch of bread pudding without having to guess what you had done to get the result that you did.